For managed IT services in Melbourne, contact us today. Committo’s consultants are ideally positioned to assess your business needs and to integrate strategic change without upsetting the systems you already have in place. Our specialised consultants possess a passion for technology and real business skills coupled with strategic foresight. We provide tactical system analysis, strategy consulting, architecture, disaster recovery planning and testing, alignment to best practice, process engineering, software specification, testing and trustworthy general advice. Have peace of mind in knowing that Committo is your reliable team for IT managed services in Melbourne.

Comprehensive Support

Running an IT department is costly; our IT service management will help. The ongoing challenges involved in managing staff, ensuring they are appropriately trained and keeping them involved and inspired can draw down on your organisation’s resources. Committo’s dynamic care package is a fixed price option bound by service level agreements in which Committo is responsible for the up-time of your key infrastructure. IT disasters shouldn't be a feature of your business. Our IT service management team proactively maintains your systems to prevent an IT crisis before it occurs. Committo take the headache out of managing your systems and with us doing what we do best; we can leave you to do what you do best.

Disaster Recovery

Our IT services in Melbourne also include disaster recovery. Protecting applications against disasters has never been more important. Hosted and cloud-based disaster recovery models minimise downtime and increase productivity. Navigating the myriad of options and their associated costs and benefits can be daunting. Through Committo’s proven track record, industry certifications and partnerships we can provide assistance in mapping out your requirements, designing, implementing and testing the most intelligent solution for your organisation.


Today’s requirement for data retention in line with compliance obligations and business expectation places a strain on IT resources.Our IT services provide access to market leading technology to assist in cost effectively managing historical records.

Datacentre Colocation

Free up space in your building, reduce costs, reduce risk and improve accessibility by moving your systems to Committo’s state of the art Datacentre. In partnership with NextDC, Committo is able to offer services within the purpose built, state-of-the-art, highly secure facility. Relocate your own hardware to the Datacentre and benefit from fast connection speeds and higher reliability from a purpose-built data facility. Round the clock monitoring means problems are caught before they affect business continuity. Our Datacentre is environmentally friendly and will also reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy costs compared to in-house solutions. For further information on our Datacentres or any of our other IT service management options, contact us today.


As complexity of infrastructure services and the demand for storage increases, so does the need to protect your data. With Committo’s expertise in a range of backup technologies such as de-duplication, cloud storage, disk based backups and replication, Committo can assist with tailoring the ideal solution to meet your requirements.

Storage Area Networks

Your IT challenges demand reliable and cost-effective technology that works to meet your expanding business requirements. Committo’s storage solutions provide proven technology that is easy to deploy and simple to manage. Committo’s solutions assist with facing challenges such as increasing complexity, limited resources, and cost constraints.

Infrastructure Review

In addition to strategic consulting, Committo offer an infrastructure review service to give your systems an analytical assessment. Constant improvement is vital to an organisation’s success. Even when things are running well it is important to be on the lookout for areas of opportunity to further improve. Committo can provide a fresh look at your organisations’ technology infrastructure to help uncover areas where improvements can be made or better aligned to industry best practise.

Strategic Advice

The managed IT services that we offer also include strategic advice. Technology moves quickly and clearly mapping out future changes when developing a strategic plan can be challenging, especially for a large organisation. Committo is at the forefront of the market; our specialised consultants possess a passion for technology and real business skills coupled with strategic foresight. We are ideally positioned to assist you in aligning technology to your organisation’s strategy. Technology changes should be integral to any strategic plan to ensure that your business doesn’t fall behind your market, your investors, or your competitors.

Project Management

Our Project Managers are industry certified and backed by real world experience from small- to large-scale, highly complex projects. Tactical, innovative, and committed to every stage of a project’s lifecycle, Committo’s high calibre staff provide a professional service aligned to your business goals. Integration and flexibility with existing systems are key to project development along with growth potential to future-check project aims. We provide expertise to a range of projects, including software rollouts and upgrades, design and development of business frameworks for IT infrastructure, and application of best practice and industry-standard developments. Committo projects are trackable, accountable and transparent, to give you operational control without the hard work.

Information Security Strategy

The best equipment is only as good as the strategy that enables it. Committo works with you to build an effective security strategy including the management of your security technology and appropriate contingency plans should a breach occur.

Data Security

Every organisation has a responsibility to their employees, shareholders and customers to maintain the highest possible level of data security to protect their information. Committo partners with the world’s leading security vendors to provide the most effective technology at the best price.

Firewall, Antivirus and Antispam

External issues such as the global economic climate can cause a spike in the number of malicious attacks on technology and of late the number of attacks recorded has been increasing. It is critical to every organisation that their systems be protected from downtime and data theft. Through its range of security skills and partnerships with the world’s leading security companies Committo can provide solutions to secure your network.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Finding providers who supply a balance between price, response and service is an ongoing challenge. Through Committo’s solid partnerships with leading manufacturers, wholesalers, and vendors, we are able to offer outstanding value without compromising on service or response. Committo can assist with the research, review and decision making process for any piece of hardware or software from desktops to enterprise core business systems. Our first price is always our best price and we appreciate any opportunity to quote on hardware or software.

Regular Maintenance

As we rely more on technology in our day-to-day operations, the impact of downtime increases. The most effective way to avoid downtime is to ensure that your systems are fully up to date, taking advantage of the latest software enhancements as well as patching flaws and security holes. Committo’s regular maintenance package is a fixed price per-system option that ensures your systems are always running to their fullest potential.

Hosted & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT industry, with more and more companies turning to hosted solutions to help reduce and stabilise hardware costs. Committo’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a complete solution for your business and empowers you to focus on your organisation’s strategic needs without having to manage the associated IT headaches. The IaaS is highly agile and can be scaled up or down to adapt to your business needs. We guarantee rapid response to problems as they arise, ensuring professional and round the clock management of your business-critical systems.