25/07 - Data Erasure Whats the Truth ?

Does physically destroying your unwanted hard drive remove the risk of a data breach ? Short of smelting the drive down in molten metal or shredding it into tiny fragments, it is essentially possible to retrieve data that hasn’t been erased by a professional methodology.

Simply smashing the HDD with a hammer or drilling though will not guarantee that the data is safe if it was not properly wiped in the first place. American intelligence agencies have communicated that this is the case via PR channels, making statements that as long as parts of the drive surface are intact then data can be extracted. However, it would require a well-funded individual or organisation with sophisticated equipment to retrieve data from a physically damaged drive.

At the end of the day, someone could simple hire one of the many data recovery organisations to perform the task on a drive that was found disposed of improperly. The point is a proper wipe, or data erasure process should be employed before physically drilling or smashing the drive. Indeed one may simply wish to donate the old drive as part of an e-waste recycling program, in that case, the Government standards from the DoD (Department of Defence) recommends a proper erasure usually of between 3 to 7 wipes before disposing of the drive intact.

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We also offers Data Erasure services. 

* 3 Pass Secure Data Wipe - DOD 55220.22 M-Standard
* 7 Pass Secure Data Wipe - DOD 55220.22 M-Standard
* Physical Destruction by Drill Press of Hard Drives.

Prices from as a low as $30 per HDD erasure.

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